River Birch

We spent a fantastic weekend staying at the cabin that looks directly out over the lake (River Birch). The setting was idyllic — how relaxing to wake up to the sound of birds and the trickle of water, rather than London traffic! Had a great time exploring Avebury and Marlborough on Saturday, and a lovely leisurely walk along the canal near the cabins before leaving on Sunday. It’s not a part of the country we know very well and we would definitely like to spend more time here.The cabin has been very thoughtfully equipped — everything you might possibly need — and the bed was bliss — one of the most comfortable we’ve ever slept in. Another joy was the bathroom (really good shower and big tub). Overall, the rooms were really spacious, which added to the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The only downside was the traffic leaving London. Next time we’ll leave home earlier and stay for longer!

Liz Wilhide and Martin Lazenby, London